No Brakes

The rupee slipped up against the US dollar to end at 99.15, despite a state bank selling some dollars to shore up the currency.
The rupee opened at 99.25, before the intervention brought it down to 98.90. Dealers said there was heavy import demand, on slim volumes.rn

rnDealers said Bank of Ceylon had sold some dollars to prevent the currency from touching the 100.00 rupee against the greenback.rn

rnThe Central Bank was believed to have played key role in persuading the state bank to step in on Tuesday morning. rn

rnldblquote The intervention failed to sustain the market throughout the trading day,
dblquote said a dealer attached to a foreign bank.rn

rnOn Monday the rupee closed at 98.95 against the greenback.rn

rnDealers said the greenback would keep rising in the run up to the April 2 polls, unless the Central Bank intervenes in the market. rn

rnThe Central Bank rarely intervenes directly in the forex market, but usually trades dollars via state-owned banks. rn


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