No Kidding

Mar 09, 2009 (LBO) – One day a wealthy Englishman travels to Italy on business. While there he decides to buy a hand-crafted cupboard to furnish his new summer home in Spain. He visits an exclusive store in Rome, which sells furniture sourced from a small carpentry workshop in Morocco. This furniture is fabricated from wood imported from a sustainable wood plantation in Brazil. The Italian store-owner is sipping a cup of fine Sri Lankan tea, which he discovered while visiting a friend in Russia, who imported the tea from a Middle Eastern tea-broker.

This broker makes frequent trips to Sri Lanka to purchase the tea from the Colombo auction, and while there, enjoys staying in many of the hotels around the island to take a break from work.

His apartment building in Dubai, was built by a multinational construction firm, which employs many Sri Lankan professionals and workers – who in turn remit their hard-earned savings back home to support their families, to provide for both their immediate needs and opportunities for betterment.

Some of this money goes into setting up small enterprises, which create local employment, and at the same time, provides valuable foreign exchange to help fund Sri Lankan imports and pay off foreign loans.


The above

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