No Way

The Norwegians took their foot off the LTTE and the peace process on Friday, following a week of political uncertainty.

The international donor community and the investor fraternity have been closely monitoring developments on the peace front, as over US$ 4 bn in foreign aid is tied up pending an end to the political impasse.rn

rnThe Norwegians put it, lquote as far as the donor countries and Norway are concerned, there are many more needy countries in the world endash other than Sri Lanka. rn

rnNorways Deputy Foreign Minister, Vidar Helgesen said that Norway would pull-out of the process until Sri Lankas political authority is made clear. rn

rnHe told journalists on Friday that such clarity was available until last week and that ldblquote Today there is no such clarity,
dblquote .rn

rnldblquote Until such clarity is re-established, there is no space for further efforts by the Norwegian government to assist the parties,” he said. rn

rnNorways decision to temporarily lquote go home comes