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Dilshan Wirasekara, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Treasuries PLC

On the heels of a state policy on spectrum use and the roll out of cheap wireless internet access, Intel launched its new age mobile personal computer.
Intels officials promise longer battery life and outstanding wireless performance with the firms new Centrino mobile technology enable computers, launched on Friday in Sri Lanka.rn

rnThe PC is expected to be very popular, when Sri Lanka embraces the culture of free wireless internet hotspots now popular in the West. rn

rnQuoting telecom industry analyst IDC, Intel says there will be more than 118,000 wireless hotspots (free wireless internet access locations where users can connect using 802.11 wireless technology) around the world by 2005.rn

rnIn 2002, the firm made created a US$ 150 million fund to assist companies rn

rnPromoting wireless hotspots, Intel in 2002 set up a US$ 150 million fund to assist companies rolling out wireless infrastructure. rn

rnIntel officials say, even Sri Lankan companies could be eligible for support from the fun