Northern Links

July 22, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lanka has drawn up plans to rebuild shattered road networks in the north and east costing over 750 million dollars for which it is seeking foreign funding, a senior government official said. The projects include highways linking the northern Jaffna peninsula with the south, two circular roads around the peninsula itself, and other highways across the northern mainland.

“This massive development programme will help integrate the northern and eastern provinces with the rest of the country politically, socially and economically,” said H M Bandara, Director Planning of the Road Development Authority.

“Initially, all essential roads such as approach roads to villages, health facilities, market places, and administrative centers will be made passable as a temporally measure,” Bandara said.

This may require about a billion rupees from local funds and is to be done in the current year which will enable the govenrment to resettle people displaced by the war.

Bandara said the RDA will get the military’s support to clear the roads of landmines.

“In the next stage we will further develop and rehabilitate all important road links within the province and connecting other provinces

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