Not all negative on growth prospects for 2006

Mar. 19 (LBO) – Out of more than 1200 readers who responded to an online poll on LBO (33.57 percent) has said Sri Lanka would not achieve 8 percent growth in 2006, while one-sixth (16.98 percent) said the country would never reach 8 percent economic growth. The definite nay sayers totaled 50.55 percent.

Meanwhile another sixth of the respondents (16.98 percent) gave a qualified ‘NO’ saying the country may come close to 8 percent growth.

Interestingly a third of the readers (32.47 percent) said Sri Lanka would achieve 8 percent economic growth this year, which is higher than the official forecasts at the moment.

If those believe the country would come close to 8 percent are aggregated with those who think the country would exceed 8 percent, the positive thinkers who think the country can achieve fairly high growth this year add up to 49.45 percent.

-LBO Newsdesk:

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