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Sri Lankas Tiger rebels have asked for direct reconstruction aid as a political crisis in the government here stalled their peace process, but donors have ruled it out, the World Bank said Thursday.rn
The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was seeking the concession because the Norwegian-backed peace bid had come under increased strain due to a power struggle between the president and prime minister.rn

rnWorld Bank country director Peter Harrold said the international community was unable to give money directly to the LTTE and the funding could only be carried out through officially recognised channels.rn

rnHowever, he stressed the international community remained “very committed” to supporting reconstruction and resettlement in the North East. It was also “determined that the current political difficulties in the South (in Colombo) should not detract from this effort.
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rnIn peace talks last year, Colombo and the Tamil Tigers agreed to appoint the World Bank as the custodian of millions of dollar

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