Not Their Style

The Freedom Alliance Government says recent security scares are not the LTTEs style, but suspect other interested parties working to frighten citizens and foreign investors.
Media spokesperson and Minister of Shipping and Aviation Mangala Samaraweera told reports on Thursday that recent security scares are more of a conspiracy to create a fear psychosis within the country and to dither foreign investors. rn

rnThe Minister says it was unlike the Tamil rebel separatists who fought State security forces in a nearly two decade civil war to call security officials and the media prior to a planned attack. rn

rnThe recent security threats have been triggered off, the Minister say, by anonymous callers, a trait not associated with the Tamil rebel faction. rn

rnThe Minister added that even an ldblquote orchestrated
dblquote threat to destabilise the peace process was still of great concern because factions other than the LTTE now had high grade explosive material. rn

rnAn officials investigation has h

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