Obama asks Tamil Tigers to surrender

May 14, 2009 (LBO) – US President Barack Obama has called on Tamil Tigers to lay down their arms and the the Sri Lankan government to take greater care to ensure the safety of civilians caught in the conflict. “Going forward, Sri Lanka must seek a peace that is secure and lasting, and grounded in respect for all of its citizens,” he said.

“More civilian casualties and inadequate care for those caught in resettlement camps will only make it more difficult to achieve the peace that the people of Sri Lanka deserve.” “We have a humanitarian crisis that’s taking place in Sri Lanka, and I’ve been increasingly saddened by the desperate news in recent days. He told reporters Wednesday.

He said civilians were suffering because of the fighting and lacked food, shelter and medicine.

“Without urgent action, this humanitarian crisis could turn into a catastrophe,” Obama said.

“So I urge the Tamil Tigers to lay down their arms and let civilians go. Their forced recruitment of civilians and their use of civilians as human shields is deplorable. These tactics will only serve to alienate all those who carry them out.”

Obama also said he was calling on the Sri Lankan government to take several steps

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