On Test

The much-hyped third generation cellular services will soon be a reality, with the first of three trial networks launched by Dialog GSM on Tuesday.
Though only on a test basis, CEO Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya says it creates an opportunity for Sri Lankans to interact with new age technology and offer application providers a platform to test services for future mobile devices. rn

rnSri Lanka is currently operating or migrating to 2.5G networks, where GPRS and EDGE technologies rule. rn

rnGPRS and EDGE technologies have already fed enthusiasm into the SMS savvy Sri Lankan cellular services subscriber with services like MMS. rn

rnThree-G enables services such as mobile video conferencing, hi-speed movie and audio downloads, interactive games and hi speed video streaming. rn

rnThe technology also provides broadband mobile Internet access, with high speed data connectivity of upto 2Mbps.rn

rnHowever, 3G services will not be commercially available until the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC)

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