On the Spot

Deregulation of motor insurance premiums has fuelled innovation and profits. rnUntil recently motor insurance was unprofitable due to regulation of premiums by the government. Private insurance companies were hesitant to sell motor insurance as a result.rn
Now things have changed. The insurance companies now offer many benefits to motor insurance clients-like Ceylinco Insurances On the Spot scheme.rn

rnWhen Wimalawansa Paranayapas car met with an accident the claim was settled within 20 minutes- not in two months the average claim period, Wimalawansa Paranayapas car was only a week old when it met with an accident the day after it was insured.rn

rnHis insurers, Ceylinco assessed the damage and offered cash payment within 20 minutes of the accident.rn

rnldblquote They have settled the claim without any hassle within 20 minutes,
dblquote said Mr. Paranayapa.rn

rnCeylincos On the Spot scheme operates round the clock. The system is convenient because customers dont have to waste time

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