Online On Time

Businesses are going online to deliver customer needs round the clock. While 24-hour accessibility has opened up new opportunities there is also the added responsibility of being operational all the time.
For every time the system goes offline the company loses business and credibility. rn

rnA concept known as Managed Availability is fast catching on in the Western world as a solution to this problem.rn

rnWith the Internet connecting people all over the world across time zones, systems too need to work round the clock. But the reality they dont!rn

rnHook up your computer to the Internet and it only takes a few clicks to get the information streaming in. It is something everybody takes for granted endash well at least most of the time. rn

rnWhen just one link between your computer and the source of the information goes down things turn ugly.rn

rnNot being able to access your e-mail or other company information would automatically mean you are having a bad day.rn

rnThe cost of