Paradise Isle

Oct 22, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka has been awarded the record for the world’s “largest cup of tea,” but the stunt earlier this month may have also earned the island some gargantuan and enormously meaningless records. Had it coincided with the height of the monsoon, we could have also claimed the world’s largest cup of overflowing milk tea.

To add a bit more tea flavour to the effort, they could have invited professional tea tasters who would roll a bit of the brew on their tongues and then spit it out with great force and guess not only the type of tea used but the name and address of the factory which produced it

With their trade mark spitting, the tea tasters could have also set a world record for synchronised spitting.

According to a BBC report, the tea brewed for “hours” in 200 litre urns before being pumped into the so-called “cup.” If the tea had been brewed for that long, then there could be another record for the world’s worst cup of tea.

Click below for more stories by our special correspondent Namal Suvendra An advertising gimmick saw the Guinness World Records recognising the contraption with a capacity of over 4,000 litres as the largest “cup of tea.”

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