Parliament Jokes

Sri Lankas Buddhist monk Parliamentarians staged a demonstration in Colombo on Wednesday for a better-behaved legislature for the island.rn
The JHU (Jathika Hela Urumaya) staged a sathyagraha (meditation demonstration) at Colombos Viharamaha Devi Park for peace and sanity among parliamentarians.rn

rnldblquote This is our way of condemning the behaviour in Parliament yesterday and we are meditating for peace in the Parliament,
dblquote said JHU spokesman, Athuraliya Rathana Thero. rn

rnHundreds of JHU supporters, also hoping to bring about a dharma rajyaya (a just nation), were seen braving the rain with unfurled umbrellas at the park.rn

rnThe monks were referring to the unruly behaviour of the Sri Lankan Parliament on Tuesday when government MPs forcibly prevented a JHU nominee from taking oaths.rn

rnA shocked population watched on TV later in the day unruly MPs apparently trying to disrobe the monks, while the clergy clutched their robes and refrained from counter attacking.rn


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