Party Pooper

Sri Lankas system of party politics is accelerating into action with the President clearing the way to stockpile state resources under the Alliance flag and the UNF scrambling to blow the lid on it.
As both sides slug it out, around US$ 184 mn of development funds went under.
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rnOn Wednesday the Presidents dismissed all deputy and non-cabinet ministers and took over the relevant ministries rn

rnAccording to the traditional system of political campaigning in Sri Lanka, this would mean that all ministry property – including vehicles and allocated funds – are most likely to end up serving the Presidents cause in the run up to the polls.rn

rnMeanwhile, the UNF endash already deprived of the huge support weapon of the State media and now steadily loosing its grip on other resources endash went into disaster control mode with an intensified whistle blowing campaign.rn

rnldblquote Why is it that the President did not dismiss deputy and non-Cabinet Ministers in her two previous Parliament dissolut

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