Pathbreakers II

Sept 07, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s educational reality series, Pathbreakers by ETV has planned its second season named ‘Aspirations Conquest’ with a tie up with Aspirations Education centre, the organizers said.

The show will consist of 11 episodes that will telecast over the months of October, November and December in the year 2008.

In the previous season, Aspirations Education with some foreign universities around the world developed and broadcast a reality show, where contestants analyzed issues and decisions of real-time organizations.

The participating teams simulated the role of management consultants to an organization™s board of directors.

Each team of participants was given a case study on a specific business management issue of a real-time business.

Aspirations Education (AE) is a career guidance organization which facilitates students to identify study options in other parts of the world.

AE represents universities and institutions in countries such as Australia, UK, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and China. The Pathbreakers-Aspirations Conquest will allow school-going children an opportunity to showcase their abilities and prove themselves in a competitive en