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Bicycles will be brought under the local government’s fold again, with a draft legislation looking to tighten the chains on the industry. Officials say bicycles licenses, which went out of use in the mid 1990s will be brought back, to help regulate users, curb road accidents and the industry.

Meanwhile, the draft legislation also hopes make bells and headlamps compulsory in bicycle retailing, with heavy penalties imposed on traders not falling in line.

The legislation drafted by the Law Commission also hopes to bring in currently unregulated mopeds.

Riding a moped currently does not require a license or a helmet like its bigger cousin the motorbikes.

Transport Ministry officials say the draft is currently being tinkered with, to iron out some shortcomings.

Officials expect the legislation to come into force by mid 2005.

Ministry officials say no statistics on Sri Lanka’s bicycle population is available, after revenue licensing went out of use in the mid 1990s.

-LBO Newsdesk:

Bicycles will be brought under the local

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