Piracy Battle

Aug 21, 2008 (LBO) – Business Software Alliance (BSA) has appointed an attorney-at-law to support action against piracy in the software market in Sri Lanka, where nine out of ten programmes are unlicensed.

The world wide rate for piracy is lesser at 38 percent or 47 billion dollars, Chan said.

“The BSA anti piracy campaign will make a significant impact on the development of the local software industry in particular and all the creative efforts of Sri Lankans in general,” said D.M Karunaratna, director general of the governemnt’s Intellectual Property Office (NIPO).

Karunaratna said he feels that Sri Lanka, being among the ten countries with software piracy, will have a better chance to control piracy if companies produce affordable software.

“The software must be at affordable prices, only then can we effectively control software piracy,” said Karunaratna.

The authority is discussing with software development companies on releasing affordable software for Sri Lanka. The BSA, an industry body fighting software piracy and addressing intellectual property rights issues, wants to help government to tackle piracy, Roland Chan, BSA director-marketing Asia said.

It also wants to hel