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Mauj, an Indian based mobile content provider made its first foray into the local market, launching a Java based cricket game for mobiles.
However, the game will not be available in Sri Lanka until local network providers sign up with Mauj to distribute its content.rn

rnRicky Ponting Cricket 2004, launched Tuesday is only one of over 400 games Mauj is offering to break into the US$ 4 bn global market. rn

rnIn Sri Lanka, mobile gaming is just catching on, with each downloadable game going at an average Rs. 100. rn

rnHead of Mauj, Arjun Gupta has made contact with local network operators and will look to push the firms range of mobile games, wallpapers, ring tones, themes and mms content to local networks. rn

rnOfficials said Mauj is very clearly committed to working extremely closely with mobile operators to create and deliver products which end consumers find useful and enjoy and in the process increase the mobile operators average revenue per user. rn

rnMauj was set up only in September 200

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