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The telecom watchdog has asked the Treasury to remove Sri Lanka Telecom chief, who has been charged for breaking immigration laws to help an alleged underworld figure.
Thilak Ranavirajah, Telecommunications Ministry Secretary and the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Chairman, has written to Treasury Secretary Charitha Ratwatte seeking SLT Chairmans removal.rn

rnState-run news channels said Ranavirajah has sought Thilanga Sumathipalas removal on the basis of lquote legal proceedings against him and the fact that he is now in remand custody. rn

rnSumathipala, who also heads Sri Lanka Cricket, has been caught up in passport scandal for allegedly helping Dammika Amarasinghe, travel to England to watch the 1999 World Cup as a guest of the cricket board, apparently on a false passport. rn

rnSumathipala was alleged to have used board funds to finance the trip and also help Amarasinghe obtain a British visa on a fraudulent passport.rn

rnAmarasinghe has since been shot dead when he appeared in c

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