Poetic Crisis

Experts say ambiguity in the Constitution on the Presidents power leaves room for different interpretations, but political considerations will play a bigger role in resolving the present crisis.
Observers say the UNF government will have to consider a ldblquote second phase
dblquote for their cohabitation agreement with a wider role for the President.rn

rnTaking the Constitutional crisis to courts will only complicate the matter according to Constitutional Expert Rohan Edrisinha who spoke to Shamindra Kulamannage from LBR.rn

rnSK: The parliament has been prorogued. What do you think the president is trying to achieve?rn

rnRohan Edirisinha:The President is trying to assert her powers that she has under our Constitution.

Our Constitution is described as unusual- a mixed parliamentary system.

It gives the President has certain power; Ministers have certain powers and the parliament certain powers.rn

rnIt seems that we have reached a stage the President has decided that she had t