Poor Show

Sri Lanka may fall short of achieving a projected six percent growth this year, as politicking keeps investors at bay, Finance Minister K N Choksy said.
Despite political jitters post November 11, the country notched a 5.6 percent growth last year, in line with Central Banks expectations, Choksy said.rn

rnBut a snap parliamentary poll in April, fuelled on by the bitter political spat between President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, has put two-years of economic growth on ice.rn

rnInvestors favour Wickremasinghes pro-business friendly government over Kumaratungas leftist style of governance. Though both parties follow similar economic policies, the Marxist JVPs marriage with the opposition Peoples Alliance Party, has put the business community on panic mode.rn

rn”It is essential for economic development, that those who take part in it should have confidence both in its viability and most importantly in the continuation of policies,” he said. rn

rnSlower economic g

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