A Japanese envoy will meet with Tamil Tiger leaders in thernrebel-held town of Kilinochchi on Tuesday to discuss Sri Lankas efforts tornend a two decade civil war, an embassy official said.rn
Japan is Sri Lankas largest aid donor and has joined diplomatic effortsrnto reach a final peace deal between the government and rebels since arnNorwegian-brokered cease-fire was signed in February 2002.rnrnYasushi Akashis visit comes as Sri Lanka waits for Norwegian peacernbrokers to announce a date and venue for the resumption of talks between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, reports the Associated Press.rn

rnJapanese Embassy official Hideaki Matsuo said Akashi was scheduled tornmeet with Foreign Minister Laksman Kadirgamar and other Sri Lankan officials Monday.rn

rnHe said Akashi would then travel to Kilinochchi for a meeting Tuesdayrnwith the rebel leadership, and later hold talks with President ChandrikarnKumaratunga and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse in the capital, Colombo.rn

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