President hands over appointment letters to 13 new High Court Judges


President Gotabaya Rajapaksa handed over the appointment letters to 13 new High Court Judges at the Presidential Secretariat this morning (03).

List of new High Court Judges                                                           Previous Position

01. Mr. A.G. Aluthge                                       –                                   District Court Judge

02. Mr. R.R.J.U.T.K. Rajakaruna                      –                                   District Court Judge

03. Mr. R.A.D.U.N. Ranatunga                        –                                   Magistrate

04. Mr. T.M.C.S. Gunasekara                          –                                   District Court Judge

05. Mr. M. Prabath Ranasinghe                      –                                   District Court Judge

06. Mr. R.M.S.B. Chandrasiri                          –                                   Chief Magistrate

07. Mr. R. Weliwatta                                       –                                   District Court Judge

08. Mr. G.L. Priyantha                                     –                                   Magistrate

09. Mr. A. Nishantha Peiris                             –                                   District Court Judge

10. Mr. S.M.A.S. Manchanayake                    –                                   District Court Judge

11. Mr. L. Chamath Madanayake                   –                                   District Court Judge

12. Mr. V.M. Weerasuriya                              –                                   Senior State Counsel

13. Mr. H.A.D.N. Hewawasam                        –                                   Senior State Counsel

The new High Court Judges have been appointed on the basis of seniority. The President mentioned to the judges that he expected to see the preservation of the independence of the judiciary, ensuring the rule of law in the country, and taking action to prevent delays in court proceedings.

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