Privacy Regime

Jan 28, 2008 (LBO) – Developing countries should first enlighten state officials and citizens on privacy to implement a privacy regime that helps develop e-commerce and international trade, experts say.

A privacy regime is a mechanism that is in place to protect personal information which is stored or transferred into and out of a country.

“It is very important both the public and lawmakers become aware of the rights and obligations which form the focus of the debate on privacy,” Gordon Hughes, professor in sociology and criminology says.

Computer crime and anti spam laws, telemarketing legislation and telecom systems interception legislation are some of the laws needed for the regime.

Some developing countries have not yet succeeded in establishing privacy regimes due to the lack of knowledge and ignorance on the subject by both state officials and citizens.

“Privacy does not really work as a legal concept unless people want to embrace it. It is fundamental to an effective privacy and data protection regime that people understand the need for privacy¬¶”

Such a regime must also consider that privacy is a fundamental right.

“It is very important to strike the right b