Private Tutor

State side educationalists could soon receive tuition from private sector firms on what the industry needs from the university system. rn
The project builds on the success of a private sector driven mentoring effort for university students, helping them acclimatise to the sector. rn

rnThe initiative will expose state side educationalists to the culture, workings and the standards in the private sector. rn

rnOrganisers believe the project will be a front runner to the student mentoring programme if the educationalist understand the private sector methodology and imparting that knowledge to their class from the beginning. rn

rnThe project aims to make university graduates employable by the private sector and possibly reduce the graduate unemployment situation. rn

rnMeanwhile, a Rs. 1.1 bn Swedish grant came through on Monday to build research capacity in the university system. rn

rnThe funds will support setting up structures for research management, develop research cooperation between univers

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