Private WWW

In the offering is a private realm for corporate entities over the world wide web, which they could use to send and receive data, make telephone calls and have access to any point connected in the VPN.rn

rnThe benefit – low cost, anywhere any time access and secure voice and data transmission within the realm.rn

rnThough VPNs are already a common sight, the Suntel IPVPN leverages on the internet
quote s reach and its low cost as opposed to the use of expensive dedicated links to connect multiple points within a network. rn

rnHailed as the ldblquote basis for all modern telecommunications of the future
dblquote Suntel says it plans to ldblquote offer their customers a full migration path to other technologies in the future.
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rnSuntel Managing Director Hugo Cederschiold says ldblquote IP technology is the future and IPVPN has been a proven success internationally as a vehicle for cost effective convergent communications.
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rnA company release says that the Suntel IPVPN system