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July 4, 2009 (LBO) – W A Wijewardena, widely regarded as one of the top economists the country has ever produced, retired from his post as deputy governor of Sri Lanka’s central bank Friday, after a 36 year career in public service.

He has also chaired other task forces including one on the adoption of international accounting standards in the Central Bank.

He was chairman of the Sri Lanka Accounting Standards Monitoring Board until 2008.

Until his retirement he also chaired the investment committee of the EPF, the investment committee that managed central bank funds, Treasury bill and bonds tender board and a committee on bank-wide risk assessment.

Wijewardena has authored numerous research papers and published several books. The latest is ‘Economic Wisdom for Babies,’ based on a regular column published in Sri Lanka’s The Sunday Times newspaper.

He also writes Lanka Business Online’s widely read column ‘WatchTower.’

From 2001 he chaired the monetary policy committee of the Central Bank which advised the bank’s rate setting governing body, the monetary board.

At the time of his retirement the monetary board has brought down Sri Lanka’s inflation to 0.9 percent following a tough quantity

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