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UNF officials claim the Alliances campaign is dominated by the JVP agenda even allowing them to dominate the partys economic policies.rn

rnThis, the UNF says jeopardizes economic stability and could push the country to the same plight as North Korea. rn

rnComposed by Deputy Finance Minister Bandula Gunawardena, the 10 questions, UNF officials say, are specific question the Alliances manifesto should answer if they are to take the country forward.rn

rnA letter addressed to Her Excellency by Gunawardena says ldblquote so far in this campaign you have failed to show the people exactly what it is you are seeking to achieve,
dblquote and added the reason for the question as ldblquote I thought you should know the areas of economic management in which we shall judge you.

rnThe questions range from the Alliances stance on private sector development and what a mixed economy meant to the partys employment promises, state revenue and fiscal management.rn

rnThe UNF also question the Alliances s

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