Rating Lanka

Capitalising on the ongoing peace dividends, the government is once again talking of seeking a sovereign rating for Sri Lanka, with plans to issue the mandate as early as July this year.
The government has been keen on a sovereign rating on many occasions, but has backed down due to the problem of timing.rn

rnThe tentative July date came out following a lengthy meeting Premier Ranil Wickremasinghe had with the Financial Reforms Taskforce over the weekend. rn

rnJuly would also be an ideal launch pad following the June pledging conference in Tokyo.rn

rnSources said the Premier is keen to move ahead, but certain officials within the government are not too keen on the timing of the issue.rn

rnThe Central Bank has always been keen on a sovereign rating, as Sri Lanka moves closer to tapping international capital markets in the face of dwindling concessionary funds and mounting domestic debt. rn

rnCentral Bank Governor, A S Jayawardene said in an earlier interview that a sovereign rating infuses fin

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