Ready To Rule

President Chandrika Kumaratungas party is ready to form a new government even if it did not garner a simple majority in parliamentary elections, her spokesman Harim Peiris told AFP Saturday.rn
“We are emerging the largest single party and we will form the government,” Peiris said. “That is clearly the intent.”rn

rn The results of Fridays vote were still being released by the Elections Commission.rn

rn Peiris did not say who the likely coalition partners would be. Kumaratungas Freedom Alliance includes the Marxist JVP, or Peoples Liberation Front.rn

rn “The result is also something to be welcomed,” he said. “It is a clear repudiation of the policies of the previous government and a clear mandate for the Freedom Alliance.”rn

rn “Even if we didnt get 113 seats, it is okay because the system produces a winner, even though not alone.”rn

rn A party needs 113 seats in Sri Lankas 225-member parliament to form a government on its own. (Source: AFP)rnrn