Red Alert

Sri Lankas police and customs have been ordered to seize Buddha Bar music and bikinis with Buddha images, officials said Thursday.rn
State Attorney Nihal Jayawardene asked for strict enforcement of laws that prohibit the commercial use of religious symbols and said Buddha Bar music and the bikinis would fall under the measures.rn

rn His order was made after Buddhist monk Daranaagama Kusaladhamma petitioned the Supreme Court to ban bikinis with Buddha images, candles in the shape of the Buddha and Buddha Bar albums which carry pictures of the Buddha.rn

rn The monk told the court that the commercial exploitation of the religious leaders image had hurt the feelings of Buddhists who constitute nearly 70 percent of the islands 19 million people.rn

rn However, the Supreme Court issued no outright ban on the products after Jayawardene told the bench Tuesday that police and customs would strictly enforce existing laws, officials said.rn

rn Pirated CDs of the Buddha Bar, the trendy Paris nightsp

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