The telecom watchdog is taking a second look at the controversial Caller Party Pays (CPP) tariffs, this time taking account of its implications to phone subscribers and bulk users.
The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) has opted for this route, as public responses flood in since a March 1 implementation date was pushed back.rn

rnThe review will evaluate the proposed rates ranging from Rs. 1.60 during the discount band to Rs. 5.00 during peak time.rn

rnIndustry watchers also say that since the rates are a transfer of cost, it should be equitable to all stakeholders, a fundamental principle upon which CPP is theoretically structured on.rn

rnHowever, industry watchers say charging an additional of upto Rs. 5 per minute to call a mobile phone was not justifiable. rn

rnThe exercise could see the tariffs revised down, and in line with a set of interconnection rates gazetted last year. rn

rnThe new Secretary to the Ministry Thilak Ranaviraja pushed back CPPs implementation on the ground

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