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Local transport authorities want to scrap the current system of private mass transport for a more service oriented and easy to monitor system.

The National Transport Commission (NTC) says reliability of services of private buses has deteriorated, while idling buses, rivalry and accidents have increased.rn

rnContrary to popular belief, even productivity in the private mass transport sector is lower than its state counterpart, though it accounts for as much as three fourths of passenger transport.rn

rnldblquote Productivity of private buses is slightly less than half that of the State sector,
dblquote Chairman, National Transport Commission (NTC), Professor Amal Kumarage told a conference on regulation on Tuesday.rn

rnBus fares on the other hand have not reduced in real terms and the transport authorities are now looking at re-hauling the system.rn

rnFirst to go will be the current system of permits issued to buses, to control the number of private buses on the roads while also improving ser

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