Road Blocks

The ADB is to help package road development into a shelf of projects complete with backward clearances in place, making it easier for investors to step in.

A US$ 15 mn Asian Development Bank technical assistance grant is in the works to change over from ad-hoc development to a more planned project lending process.rn

rnldblquote What we need first is to have an investment plan endash what the countrys road transport system needs to look like. We are lquote over-roaded but the roads go nowhere
dblquote , ADB Country Director for Sri Lanka, John Cooney said. rn

rnldblquote Next, the US$ 15 mn technical assistance project will pick out the core elements in this master plan and settle issues like involuntary re-settlement, procurement and environmental clearances
dblquote .rn

rnWith the back-end paperwork in place before investment loans come in, investors are offered a shelf of clean projects that the government is ready to go ahead with.rn

rnSector lending will then back up the facility, to fu