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Safe e-road

Mar. 10 (LBO) — Sri Lanka cleared the way for safer e-commerce this week by passing a new law that strengthened the legal validity of electronic transactions. “It will provide a firm foundation for e-commerce transactions and give formal recognition to e-mail communications,” says Jayantha Fernando, legal advisor of the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka.

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“It also gives recognition to electronic signatures, and provides a structure to be established for rules to be laid down in the future.

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The ICT Agency, a state agency established to promote the use of information and communications technology in the country was closely involved with bringing the law to parliament.

“While we initiate efforts to focus on technological developments, the importance of ensuring parallel developments in the Legal framework is essential,” says Fernando.

“Electronic commerce has considerable potential for developing countries, but the positive impact expected from it would be reduced if users were confronted with doubts as to the legal value of electronic commercial transactions after conducting costly modernisation of communication systems.

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The law which was unanimo

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