Safe Haven

Nov 09 (LBO) – Sri Lanka stands the risk of getting too complacent about its low prevalence of AIDS, researchers say and should strengthen treatment and care of those living with the disease.

There are an estimated 5000 people living with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which attacks the body™s immune system – the body™s ability to fight diseases.

The number of reported cumulative AIDS deaths in Sri Lanka is 153, still low with global attention shifting to worse hit countries in Africa, as well as India and China.

All measures should be taken to ensure that we remain low prevalence, while strengthening measures not only with regard to prevention but also treatment and care of those living with HIV, K.A.M. Ariyaratne from the National STD/AIDS Campaign, said in a statement.

Sri Lanka™s civil conflict and thousands of displaced people could also be a factor in the disease escalating to high levels, even reaching epidemic proportions.

All efforts must be taken to address issues such as stigma and discrimination, ensuring access to treatment and care, providing correct and current information as well as having in place a framework to effe

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