May 08 (LBO) – Investors in government securities are being asked to register online with the Central Bank for regular, updated information on their transactions.

With LankaSecureNet, investors can get regular information on transactions, interest income and outstanding balances of Treasury Bills and Bonds, the Central Bank said in a statement on Monday.

With the termination of scrip securities, the Central Bank has been issuing statements of transactions, payments and holdings, usually once a month or in some cases bi-annually.

Investors are informed of all maturity and interest payments soon after payments are made, while a statement of an investor’s total holdings are issued bi-annually, in June and December.

There was no facility to obtain this information regularly for the investors. It was observed that some investors had to wait until the end of the month to receive their statements, the Bank said.

Especially corporate investors who make daily transactions in the secondary market were affected due to this delay and as a result they were unable to carry out their reconciliation with regard to their investments in gov