Sangakkara learning to live with Lahore memories

LONDON, June 1, 2009 (AFP) – Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara said that while life for his side would not be the same after the attack on their team bus in Pakistan it would not stop them from playing international cricket.

Sangakkara’s men have arrived in England for the ICC World Twenty20 after a particularly torrid few months.

In March, their bus was attacked with bullets and grenades in Lahore as they travelled to the Gadaffi Stadium for the second Test against Pakistan in an incident that saw several players, including wicket-keeper/batsman Sangakkara hurt, and eight Pakistanis killed.

And their landing in England was overshadowed by British newspaper reports of Sri Lankan government ‘war crimes’ against the separatist Tamil Tigers, which led to the cancellation of a trip to the Oxford Union.

“It was funny getting back on a bus from the airport to go to hotel when we arrived in England,” Sangakkara explained to reporters at a captains’ press conference at Lord’s here on Sunday.

“After Lahore, we went through a terrible time but what we’ve realised is that life goes on.

“We’ve got to play cricket, cricket for us means normalacy.”

Sangakkara, who might have been a lawyer had he not c