Saudi Clearance

July 31, 2007 (LBO) – The tribal leader of a victim’s family will only intervene on behalf of a teenaged housemaid on death row once clearance is given by the Saudi foreign ministry, Sri Lankan officials have been told. Rizana Nafeek who was 17 years old at the time of the incident has been convicted without legal representation of killing an infant which died in her care while being bottle-fed.

A statement from Sri Lanka’s foreign ministry said Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein A. Bhaila had met the area chief of the Othaibi clan to which the victim’s father Naif Jhisyan Al Otaibi belongs.

The deputy minister had also met the acting Governor of Dawadmi where the teenage girl was tried and is now held on death row, and the chief of Dawadmi police to get their help to obtain pardon for the death sentence given to Rizana Nafeek from the victim’s parents.


The foreign ministry said the tribal leader and the acting governor had promised to meet the father of the dead baby when clearance is given by the Saudi foreign ministry for their involvement.

The minister and Rizana’s parents were earlier hoping to meet the father of the dead baby but the delegation had now returned to Sri La