School Aid

Jan 25 (LBO) – The University Grants Commission is talking to top US colleges for scholarships to send local students abroad for post graduate studies. Representatives of the North Dakota State University (NDSU) are in Colombo to draw up plans on how students enrolled at local universities can transfer to its College in the United States.

“We are here to discuss collaboration with the 15 universities in Sri Lanka,” Dr. Sudhir Mehta, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at NDSU, said in Colombo on Wednesday.

“We have had initial meetings with the universities to open up these opportunities for local university graduates to do masters and doctoral programs in the US.”

A program being looked at is for students at postgraduate level to finish one year in Sri Lanka and transfer to NDSU in the second year.

“If universities are open to it, we could consider a twinning program for students to complete part of the course here and transfer out. But we will have to agree on a common syllabus. There could also be joint research and student exchanges,” Mehta said.

A program of study at NDSU costs an average of US$ 12,000 a year, wi