Sci-fi visionary Arthur C. Clarke buried in Sri Lanka

March 22, 2008 (AFP) – Sri Lanka on Saturday buried visionary British sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke amid tears and tributes from family and fans as the government ordered a minute’s silence across the island. The 90-year-old author, who died at the age of 90 on Wednesday following a brief illness, was buried in a plot owned by his Sri Lankan business partner with whose family he lived for decades.

The government asked people to observe a minute’s silence at mid-afternoon when the eminent futurist was laid to rest while newspaper headlines mourned the “final voyage of a titan.”

The prolific writer’s body had earlier been kept at his home in Colombo’s fashionable Barnes Place diplomatic quarter and a large number of students, fans, clergy and politicians gathered to pay their respects.

“We thank you for the times you listened, the times you laughed,” Tamara Ekanayake, daughter of his business partner, Hector Ekanayake, said minutes before Clarke’s coffin was taken from their family home.

“He wanted us to write on his tombstone: ‘Here lies Arthur Clarke. He never grew up, but didn’t stop growing’. And with that, we celebrate your life to this day,” she said.

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