Scoring Points

Sri Lanka has made it to a list of 15 countries eligible for aid this year from the newly formed US Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

“Sri Lanka was selected for eligibility because of its demonstrated commitment to just and democratic governance, to economic freedom, and to the determination to invest in its people,” US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Jeffrey J. Lunstead said.rn

rnBut selection on the list is not a guarantee of assistance, and to take the process forward, the government will have to negotiate a lquote compact with the US Government.rn

rnCountries that enter into compacts with the United States to support policies that advance the prospects of lasting economic growth and poverty reduction are eligible for MCA funds. rn

rnldblquote MCA participation will require high-level commitment from the Sri Lankan government: a multi-year plan for achieving shared development objectives, responsibility for achieving those objectives, regular benchmarks to measure progress, a multi-year f

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