Seat Dump

SriLankan Airlines, which plans to add around half a dozen aircraft to its fleet over the next year, says subsidized carriers are dumping seats to the market.
The airline CEO told the 9th LBR-LBO CEO forum the country should focus on a ldblquote managed open skies
dblquote policy to make Sri Lanka an air hub instead of letting subsidized airlines dump seats here.rn

rnldblquote We dont support subsidized airlines; we dont support government sponsored airlines. That is important to understand why sometime we are little reluctant to go along with every request from every Middle East government, every Middle Eastern carrier who wants to come here and dump seats in this market,
dblquote says Peter Hill, CEO, SriLankan.rn

rnWhile tourist arrivals increased during the last two years the number of hotel rooms have not increased in tandem. SriLankan says they are looking at opportunities in this area if the hotel industry doesnt take up the challenge of increasing capacity soon. rn

rnldblquote This comp

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