Secret Codes

Officials from the CA Sri Lanka overseas chapters

The telecom regulator on Monday set a base price of Rs. 500,000 for each four digit short codes that is due to be auctioned by mid this year.
The short codes will be auctioned to External Gateway Operators (EGO) through a secure purpose designed online interface.rn

rnThe Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) on Monday called on interested Information Communication Technology (ICT) firm to conduct the online endash real time auction. rn

rnThe short codes will identify each EGO and will allow phone users to make international call through a service provider of their choice. rn

rnThe short codes and interconnection agreements are the main factors holding back the recently licensed EGOs (except network operators) from offering a full blown international direct dialing service. rn

rnIn 2004, the regulator estimates outgoing international calls to hit 80 million minutes, generating over Rs. 2 billion in revenues. rn

rnTherefore, the TRC believes that EGOs would look for and pay a premium

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