Security in Sri Lanka capital stepped up

Aug 15 (AFP) – Sri Lanka Tuesday stepped up security in Colombo after an unprecedented bomb attack on a diplomat, while all schools were shut amid fears of Tamil Tiger reprisals for an air raid that killed dozens of children. Police said new parking restrictions were put in place in the capital after a Claymore mine rigged to a parked three-wheel taxi targeted the convoy of Pakistan’s High Commissioner (Ambassador) Bashir Wali Mohamed on Monday.

“We have several new measures in place from today,” a police spokesman said.

“In fact when the bomb went off on Monday, senior inspectors were having a meeting about these new traffic arrangements.”

The ambassador escaped unhurt but four of his army commando bodyguards and three civilians were killed while 10 others were wounded.

The targeting of a foreigner for the first time in 21 years in the Sri Lankan conflict, and the first ever attack on a diplomat, sent shockwaves through the defence establishment.

“We are reassessing the measures already in place for VIP security,” a defence ministry official said.

The government, meanwhile, ordered all schools closed for fear they could become a target.

“The government officially announced that the August v

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