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The US will step in with technical assistance to implement the lquote US Container Security Act in Sri Lanka, an initiative sparked by security jitters over shipments to the US.rnrn

rnA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the Technical assistance was signed Wednesday between the Government and the US Embassy.rn

rnUS based Aerospace Services International Inc. together with USTDA will do a needs assessment, evaluating cargo scanning system needs and advisory assistance on financing options.rn

rnIt will also assist in preparation of draft tender documents and assistance with the evaluation of tenders to source the equipment, a US Trade and Development Agency statement said today.rn

rnThe technical assistance will upgrade Sri Lanka to meet minimum eligibility requirements for CSI, which is the availability and use of non-intrusive equipment for cargo inspections.rn

rnThe implementation of CSI has significant trade implications for the US and Sri Lanka.rn

rnSri Lanka is pushing for a bilatera

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