Seeing Red

The Marxist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) is marrying its past with the present, to give the party its first significant political victory next month.
ldblquote We did not take part in active politics for 34 years. We watched and we saw what was happening. Things were getting so bad, we decided to return to support the JVP and the Alliance,
dblquote says Sunil de Silva.rn

rnDe Silva is now 58 years old and like the rest of the Comrades of April 71 is one of the oldest links of the JVPs surviving past.rn

rnThe Comrades of April 71 are the survivors of the 1971 youth insurrection that saw 6,000 deaths and as much as 20,000 jail sentences for young Sri Lankan men and women. rn

rnNow lquote a majority of April 71 are back to lquote bless and lquote approve the JVPs entry into democratic politics and its first attempt at being part of a Sri Lankan government.rn

rnThe move speaks volumes about the corrupt depths of Sri Lankas political history.rn

rnFor starters, it was a Bandaranaike government

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