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July 13, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lanka is to host a meeting of Asian shippers in Colombo, a conference made possible after 15 years of lobbying because of the end of the ethnic war, the Sri Lanka Shippers’ Council (SLSC) said. The meeting is expected discuss policy issues, maritime security, shipping costs like terminal handling charges as well as the global economic crisis and new marketing and business opportunities.

“After the war, the opportunity for Sri Lanka is enormous,” he said. “We’re telling the world there’s capacity in Sri Lanka which is closest to the main shipping route. That puts Sri Lanka in a strong position.” The Asian Shippers’ Council annual general meeting to be held in Colombo in August 2009 for the first time provides an opportunity to promote the island as a maritime and logistics hub, its convenor Rohan Masakorala said.

“This meeting in Colombo is a good signal to the world that Sri Lanka is ready for investments, to become a hub,” he told a news conference.

“This achievement is a great success for Sri Lanka at this moment as Colombo was always rejected as a venue due to security considerations.”

The Asian Shippers’ Council is the largest component of the Global Shippers’ For

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