Shooting Stars

The economy, politics and human life itself is in for harder times predict astrologers, as a lunar eclipse, two meteor sightings and a meteor shower coincide. The unique astro combination was last seen in 1911, set off the World War I. This year, it takes place next Monday.
Sri Lanka has a front seat view of this rare episode, a boon to amateur astronomers but local astrologers predict a double dose of gloom and doom for the economy.rn

rnSri Lanka will witness the rare astronomical combination of a lunar eclipse coupled with two comet sightings and a meteorite shower starting from early May.rn

rnHowever, ldblquote the combination is very bad,
dblquote says Mr Haripriya Gunasekera, a professional astrologer.rn

rnEclipses and comets are generally considered bad omens and taken together the assorted heavenly display is seen to portend bad tidings not only for Sri Lanka but the entire world.rn

rnldblquote It means bad things will happen all over the world. For Sri Lanka it means a downturn in the